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7 Landscaping Tips That Can Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the important factor that draws other people in to your home. Whether you have plans of selling your home or you simply want to impress your neighbors and guests, you’re off to a good start when you take steps to boost your property’s curb appeal.

According to lawn care pros from Herndon, Virginia, there are certain landscaping tips that will instantly boost your home’s curb appeal. These include:

1.    Hardscaping 

By adding stone, rock, or gravel walkways and borders, you will introduce eye-catching visual elements to your front yard.

Stone pathways are one of the most functional and appealing features you can introduce to your lawn. Big slates and irregularly shaped stones can create a natural-looking path from the sidewalk to your front door.

When planning pathways, it will work to your advantage to consider how people naturally move through your outdoor space and design your paths to follow the foot traffic.

2.    Defining borders and applying mulch 

To give the impression that your landscape is neat and well-maintained, make sure all edges or borders are clean.

A trick you can copy from landscaping pros is to outline the border of a garden bed with spray chalk. Next, use a mattock to chip away any encroaching growth to help create a well-defined area.

To refine the look of your landscape and keep weeds away from your lawn, add a layer of mulch. The mulch will even out the overall landscaping look as well.

3.    Creating raised beds

If you want to add texture and your personal touch to your front yard, you won’t go wrong with adding raised beds. You can even use different materials which you may already have in your home such as leftover wood, garden timbers, stones, and bricks to create these beds. 

Aside from being additional attractive features in your lawn, raised beds will also allow you to grow plants that are not suited to your lawn’s soil type since you can fill them with the type of soil you need. For instance, if you want to grow plants that thrive in clay soil such as aster or iris but your soil is acidic, you can cultivate them in a raised bed.  You simply need to place clay soil in the bed.

4.    Adding more colorful plants

Add more color to your front yard by planting colorful native perennials. Choose flowering shrubs and plant one deciduous tree or more, since they are noticeable and make a statement.

You can also plant some flowering plants and shrubs in decorated or bright pots to add a splash of color to your lawn. They are easier to take care of than in-ground plants. Potted plants can also help brighten up the darker corners of your yard since they provide an additional colorful visual composition.

5.    Installing a water feature 

A fountain or pond is also effective in adding visual interest to your front yard. The soft sound of water coming from the water feature will create a calm, peaceful, and inviting atmosphere in your property.

If you choose to have a pond in your home, you will also attract local frogs, dragonflies, and hummingbirds into your yard; these are natural predators of some common lawn pests. However, make sure your pond always contains a few fishes since mosquitoes can breed in fishless ponds.

6.    Illuminating your lawn 

To brighten up your property at night for safety and ambience, invest in some additional outdoor lighting features.

One option you can consider is to use solar-powered light fixtures that you can easily install along the pathway of your home. You won’t need to be encumbered with adding or installing cables to connect the new lights. They create a welcoming feel for your home as well.

Adding spotlights to your front yard can also add more flair to your landscape. When you add small, dimly lit spotlights that shine onto the bottom portion of your house, water feature, or flower beds, your neighbors, guests, and other passersby will easily notice and be impressed by them.

7.    Maintaining a healthy, green, and clean lawn

Lastly, a lush, green, and tidy lawn can instantly boost the curb appeal of any home. As such, you need to keep your lawn regularly mowed and sufficiently watered. You need to keep weeds at bay as well. Lastly, you have to know when to fertilize and overseed your lawn to maintain its good condition.

Don’t forget to keep your other landscaping features clean and shiny by hiring pros to pressure wash your sidewalk, driveway, and hardscape. You also need to have trees and shrubs trimmed regularly so that they can complement your home’s best qualities rather than cover them. What’s more, lawn care providers from Vienna, VA say that regular trimming will go a long way in keeping your front yard free from dead branches, twigs, and leaves.

Finally, rake or blow fallen leaves immediately. Heaps of dry leaves will make your lawn look messy and unsightly. They can attract pests, too.

There is nothing easy about maintaining and boosting your curb appeal. But if you want to have a front yard that others will find impressive without all the hard work, get help from a local lawn care and landscaping company.