A Good Restaurant Kitchen Design- What It’s Like!

Designing a kitchen for a restaurant is no layman’s business! It takes an expert to understand the minds of chefs and best place the necessities in order. The advancement in this world has been such that people have now resorted to themed kitchens and live kitchens to serve the customers.

Of course you shall need plenty of guidance from people like chefs, plumber, cleaner, planner, staff etc to best put together the map of the kitchen. But if it comes down to some rules, here are the ones that have been taken into consideration by majority of restaurants!

Ergonomic design

Minimal efforts with maximum productivity – that is what a commercial kitchen needs to be! And it isn’t possible with ergonomic kitchen design. The arrangement of counters and shelves should be in a manner that lets people find the right thing with just stretch of a hand. The lesser are the needs to move, the better is the food.

Energy efficient kitchen

Kitchen should comprise of factors that help people cook effectively. With energy we mean that there should be sections of kitchen which have all the burners, gas stoves etc to work on high energy. And there should be another corner where assorting and cold cooking happens. There should be separate section for storage of food also.

Kitchen essentials

The inventory that comes in from Restaurant food supply store in Miami should have a designated place to go into the kitchen. The food safety standards are to be maintained with appropriate placement of kitchen equipments and tools. There should be equipments to save the food from spoiling and keeping them under the best conditions for longer shelf life.


The smoke of the kitchen has to be released well to let the kitchen function. A good ventilation system is a must. This saves the employees from dangerous health conditions and keeps the food clean too. Ventilation is a requirement to save from suffocating the restaurant kitchen.

Easy maintenance

A fancy kitchen might look pretty but if it isn’t easy to maintain – it will fail its purpose. Maintaining cleanliness in kitchen is a tough task. A suitable kitchen design is one which makes the task easy. From dish preparation to washing of utensils the kitchen must accommodate everything with an ease to clean it up!

Restaurant kitchen design aids use of the equipments, food and other items to the very best while allowing easier maintenance. As long as a kitchen works efficiently and maintains safety of food – it’s a great design!