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Are You Aware About Septic System Design?

Are you constructing any new residential or commercial building? You have to consider suitable septic system and need to decide whether you want to install any new system or you want to replace the existing septic system with a new design.

In case, you decide to go for new septic field design then any professional or licensed personnel will visit your place and asses your property. Based on that he will suggest you a suitable septic system after inspecting the existing design.

Factors to be considered

There are a number of factors to be considered while designing the septic system. First thing to consider is what should be the size of the tank. This depends upon how much is the present water usage and how much it can rise in future. It is also important to determine what is the retention time for septic tank. During this time the effluent in the tank will remain in the tank and after that it will move into the leach field. There is a need for adequate amount of liquid within the tank so that the solid is either settled at the bottom or rise to the top surface of the liquid.

Also, it is important where the safety tank has to be located and based on that the amount of septic clearance distance needed from the nearby properties and wells. It is also important to know the exact location of the drain field or leach field and the rate at which the soil will accept the liquid coming out of septic tank.

Septic system design

For designing the septic system, it is necessary to conduct perc testing so that it is possible to evaluate how well the existing property is able to absorb the water. These tests are required to be done before obtaining the permission from authorities to create septic system. Another thing that is required to explore during designing is trenches that will contain gravel and also the length of perforated piping from the tank to drain or leach field.

Another important thing to consider during design stage is how to preserve the trees and various plants around the property and its overall character.

Designers will suggest you a number of models and it can be standard models or any customized solution by using advanced technology. The aim is to build a septic system which can have longer lifespan.

With careful consideration and design, it is possible to make most reliable and cost effective septic system for your property.