Four Tips to Keep in Mind when Choosing Door Handles

As a homeowner, you surely know the importance of giving your home a special wow factor and improving its overall look and feel. For this, you will need to determine the accessories that reflect your style and set the mood for your house. Aside from things such as color, window treatments, and flooring, you should pay attention to door handles. Did you know that these handles can transform a plain, boring door into something that turns heads? Handles for interior doors have as much impact since most visitors spend more time inside your house than outside.

Whether you are planning a home improvement project or just searching for ways to update the lock in your house, the handles in your door make a huge difference. You are free to use the same handles throughout your house to give the space a seamless style. Also, you can choose door hardware which reflects the particular look of different rooms. If you choose the latter route, you will need to look for coordinated handles that have common themes. The decision to get the right handles is in your hand and you can use the following pointers to make the selection process a lot easier.

Consider Proportion

Before choosing handles for your door, measure the door first. Think about which size will work. You don’t want to fit small, delicate handles to a big door without windows or panels. Also, big handles won’t suit on some doors. Consider the amount of space the handles should take. How far up will the door will they go and where will you place the lock?

Think about Materials and Color

Handles for interior doors are available in a range of finishes that include classic silver, brass, and black. Consider the finish that works best with your home’s other details such as switch plates and light fixtures. Makes sure your chosen handles will be visible against the door. You don’t want to fit a dark handle on a dark-colored door. This can be annoying especially for family members who have vision issues. If you want your house to have a variety of door handle styles, think about using the same material throughout. This provides your home with a consistent, coordinated feel.

Take Overall Style into Account

Contemporary, sleek handles will not suit in an old home or rustic country cottage. However, modern door hardware will look great in homes built in the last five decades. You can make the right choice by considering your home’s overall style. Is your house richly detailed or minimalist? Have you stuck to classic looks or added modern touches to it?

Pay Attention to Quality

No matter your preferred handle style, ensure the handles are of premium quality. Remember that handles get constant use. Nobody in your house may notice them when they are still working perfectly. However, when they get wonky, anybody who enters a room can be annoyed. Also, a faulty and old handle puts your home at risk of being intruded by strangers. Choose handles from renowned brands and check the quality rating.