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Go Beyond Wall Paint with 6 Apartment Color Boosts

When you rent a condo and save time using Zipmatch, drab rental interiors may affect your choice. Most properties on sale are made to appeal to the broadest possible market with the minimum effort, which means that personality can go right out the window. With some owners, the freedom for a tenant to paint the walls or make permanent alterations is simply impossible. All is not lost, though. With these few tricks, you can inject color and life into your condo or apartment without spending a fortune or annoying the super.

Check out these six super-simple tips for adding color to your Philippines real estate property without painting the walls.

1. Hard furnishings
Try upcycling wooden yard sale tables and chairs in mismatched tones. Chalk or latex paint is an easy way to brighten up these items without much preparation. Different tones of the same hue or clashing, funky shades produce eye-catching effects that reflect your personality. Or put a band of color on the legs of furniture for a Scandinavian look. Even simpler, line up your counter with an assortment of colorful Tolix bar stools or dining chairs to brighten up the whole room.

2. Art
A bold print is an obvious and beautiful way to extend the color palette in the home. Make sure that the fixings are done to the owner’s approval and get a nice frame. Using sticky tack to put up a poster leaves oily marks and looks terrible. Invest a little time in correct fixtures to create a great-looking conversation piece that will inspire for years to come. Cluster groupings of smaller frames filled with anything from photos of friends and family, to your favorite magazine covers, and make your walls sing. Not keen on drilling holes in the Sheetrock? Small, tinted stand-up frames are another way to go.

3. Soft furnishings
Scatter cushions, throws and rugs not only give the opportunity for color statements, but also add a softening texture. This is important when making the room feel homey and comfortable. Geometric patterns are hot right now, as are oversized knit and jewel tones. These accents are as practical as they are beautiful, adding warmth and padding to harder surfaces.

4. Don’t forget the light fittings

Lampshades come in a wealth of colors and finishes. Try an anodized metallic blue for instance, or energize the space with a glowing, sunny yellow. An angle-poise or standard lamp in a dark corner or a grouping of oversized pendant lanterns can make an impressive architectural effect, too.

5. Nature’s bounty
Fresh flowers and fruit are a sensory delight. They attract the eye and add a fresh scent. Don’t just think of flowers as a special occasion treat, they should be an essential item for a happy home. A bowl of radiant oranges or crisp apples can help with health as well, offering a ready alternative to sugary snacks, and looking great on the coffee table.

6. Accessorize

Vases, candle holders, magazine racks, bowls filled with fruit – the smaller pieces that might already be in the home all add a chance for color pop. The key with accessories is to avoid clutter.

Armed with these tips, say no to dullness and austerity and say yes to living color. And let colors give your living space more life!