Home Automation Corporation (HAI) – The Best Option For Home Automation Systems

Home automation is gaining great recognition and it is being broadly recognized around the world. It’s considered because the ultimate luxury as all of the daily chores are carried out in the flick of merely one button. Persons leading a busy lifestyle think it is tiring to change on or turn off electronic products or even the lights. With home automation systems, each one of these apparently mundane chores can be achieved using the flick of the switch. We’ve got the technology is comparatively new and presently reasonable for the wealthy. Ordinary families will discover it costly to purchase these gadgets even though they are extremely convenient.

Home Automation Corporation (HAI) is really a company that are responsible for home automation systems. If you are looking at automating your house by using this technology, you might go to the website of the organization to look into the various possibilities. HAI includes a full-range of home automation items that cope with security, lighting, temperature and audio control. It’s simpler to gain access to the house automation products for those who have a mobile phone and Internet connectivity in your house.

HAI can offer home automation products for recently built or existing houses. They’ve two primary kinds of home automation systems, as detailed below:

1. Omni Home Control System:

This technique has inbuilt UL-listed security and includes temperature, lighting, fire systems and audio control. The machine is provided with telephone connectivity or even the Internet. You are able to select between your three selections of Omni LT, Omni Pro II and Omni Ile. All of them has their very own specifications, features, size and cost range.

This technique has various features like centralized charge of the safety, temperature and lights. It’s built-in phone access, serial ports, Ethernet port and modem. The safety features include UL-listed burglary and fire alarms, fully expanding security zones, supervised zones, smoke detectors, digital communicators, even log, wireless security and true partitioning.

The automation features include:

– Advanced lighting control,

– Programs on the console, pc or touchscreen.

– Scheduling from the security, lighting and temperature according to sunrise, sunset or even the day, time and date.

– Charge of system occasions like motion recognition, door entry and mode change.

– Handheld remote control use for thermostats, lighting and security.

– Advanced control programming (ACP).

2. The Lumina Home control system:

This technique may be used in almost any existing or new homes. It may be combined with existing home security system. You are able to select between two options of Lumina and Lumina Pro.

The Lumina system offers a top quality of lighting control that’s wireless and incredibly costly. The inbuilt clock calculates sunrise and sunset time as well as the daylight not waste time, instantly.

This technique utilizes UPB, probably the most sophisticated standard in digital communications. You can easily operate as things are developed to be switched on in the switch of the mouse.

HAI is renowned for their lighting devices, referred to as HAI Lighting control. These units work individually. The machine will allow you to alter the settings from the lights with an appointment or through Access to the internet. With the aid of the HAI lighting device, one can produce a dramatic lighting effect for that house to match the occasion. The background music system could be developed to play different music in various rooms.

Home automation systems from HAI are equipped for the security and protection from the family. A good and advanced home created for convenience and comfort turns into a reality with HAI home automation systems. All that you should do is take a look at the website to collect the important information, and choose of the house automation system appropriate for your house.

Programmable home automation Singapore will enable you to set the time of opening and drawing the curtains, switching on or off the porch lights or dimming the lights when there is no one in the room. Automate your home and save on utility bills.