Home Improvement

Home Improvement Projects and Types of Excavation Required

We all want to live comfortably enjoying convenience and beautiful environment. many people are looking to improve their home and property, and if you are one of them you are probably planning some home improvements that may require significant overhauling  – including excavation.

Whether you are planning on upgrading your backyard by setting up a swimming pool, beautification of your landscape or changing the look of your driveway, these projects require much digging, and you may be required to hire Fairfield residential excavators.

To give you a better understanding of excavation services, here are some home improvement projects and the types of excavation needed:

Foundation repair and construction

If you have an old home, you need to check its foundation once in a while. Most people forget, but a house needs replacement and repairs over a specified period because many factors can contribute to the weakening of its foundation including liquefaction, soil erosion, heavy storms, and even earthquakes. Even without such considerations, it’s still good practice to check your foundation regularly. If there are any cracks, splits, and breaks, there may be damages that will demand excavation to make successful repairs.

In such cases, the types of excavation needed can include:

–    Topsoil excavation – this type of excavation entails the removal of the uppermost part of the ground. It involves the clearing of vegetation, shrubs, soil and other material that are weakening the land thus making it unstable to hold heavy loads.

–    Rock Excavation – should there be rocky surfaces that are impeding the building, repair or renovation process, rock excavation techniques like drilling are needed to clear the hardened surface.

–    Earth Excavation – To repair or construct a foundation, digging has to go deeper below the topsoil. Earth excavation, therefore, is the removal of several layers of earth for construction purposes.

Septic System

Repair and maintenance of the septic system cannot be ignored. Regular maintenance will prevent clogging, maintain hygiene and also prepared the house in case of flooding.

Some excavation services that are relevant when maintaining, repairing or replacing the sewer lines are such as:

–    Stripping Excavation – this is the type of excavation that involves removal of debris, sand, rocks and wide or shallow layers of topsoil over large areas of land. It is mainly used when replacing sewer pipes.

–    Trench Excavation – Trench excavation is mainly used when laying foundations, installing sewer systems and pipelines. Typically trenches are dug between 1m to over 6m deep.

–    Basement Excavation – As the name suggests, basement excavation is done below the ground level and can be used when replacing leaking or rusted pipes.


Landscaping is a popular home improvement choice when looking to spruce up your home. Excavation is mostly used in hard landscaping projects like patio and deck construction, driveway and parking lot grading, setting up fountains or swimming pools, paving and other construction purposes. Depending on the landscaping project, any type of excavation mentioned above may be applicable.

In conclusion, these are just some of the many types of residential constructions that require excavation. Most of these remodeling and construction work cannot be done by simple digging – significant projects cannot only be done by professional excavation service providers. For your safety and a job well done, contact and excavator near you.