Light Colored Kitchen with Dark Floors- Should I choose or not?

You might have heard somebody telling not combine the light colored kitchen with dark floors. But sometimes tips from professionals can help you give a stunning and amazing look from this odd combination only.

Let us discuss out why this is an odd combination advised not to be used. Simultaneously fetch out the reasons for using this combination:

It all depends on what you actually want at the end, but before doing, we would always suggest you do photo research of the combination:

1)     Look for the style that matches your taste and desire:

An all-white kitchen for some is the ultimate sign of purity and cleanliness which they want the guests to perceive. For some, it is a pristine style which they would like to have. So, if you are going for light colored cabinets, a dark toned floor will give an amazing different look. It will add up the warmth and security feeling.

2)    Space is the biggest consideration:

Kitchen space is the biggest factor to be considered while choosing color combinations of floor and Kitchen cabinets Toronto. Think with each combination, how the kitchen will look like- big and airy or small and dark. Obviously, you will choose the first combination.

3)    Light is another decision maker:

If you have a lot of windows or light coming in and fixtures are also light to give a bright look, then a dark combination of floors will add to the beauty but if the kitchen lacks in the amount of light coming in, then dark floors will not suit the kitchen.

4)    Kids and pets at home decide this:

One thing that Toronto homeowners don’t think is what kind of lifestyle they are leading. Do they have kids or pets at home? Remember, scratches are seen more in dark floors than in lighter woods. Even pet hair and debris shines out more on dark floors. However, kitchen stains are better hidden in darker ones than in lighter ones.

So, if you have kids or pets at home, better choose the medium or light-colored flooring.

5)    The theme of your home:

It all depends on whether you want your kitchen to stand out with a different theme or blend in with the rest of your home with the theme of the house.

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