Moving to a new house? Do these things first

Everything your family own is packed and ready inside the moving van and you’re rearing to finally move in to your new home. Everything seems to be going just fine, but you want to be protected against hiccups in the first few weeks of you stay, just in case. Smart thinking right there, partner.

Moving house is something many of us will do several times, if not dozens of times in our lives, and with hundreds of house and land packages in Melbourne as well as other parts of Australia available these days, it’s become vital to make these occasions as stress-free as possible.

Here’s a quick checklist of things you need to do before moving to your new house.

Check the doors and change the locks. You won’t really know who has the keys to your new home – the original owner, the real estate broker, the trusted neighbour – so change the locks. This ensures that only you and your family will have access. Add deadbolts for extra protection.

Ensure there’s no plumbing leaks. The home inspector should have already checked and worked on ensuring no leaks are in the house by informing the seller. However, it doesn’t hurt to double-check. Keep an eye out for dripping faucet and running toilets, and assess your water heater for signs of a leak. Quick tip: check your water meter and close it, check it in a couple of hours, and if you see that the reading is different, you may have a leak.

Familiarise yourself with the circuit breaker box and main water valve. Save yourself from electrocution by knowing where the breaker is and how to turn it off before any project involving wires. It’s also a great idea to label fuses according to what parts of the house it gives power to. Also, turning the water valve off before repairing leaks will be a lifesaver for your woods, carpets, and yourself (from mopping up for hours on end).

Deal with pests. This includes rats, mice, bats, roaches, termites, and any other uninvited guests. There’s virtually hundreds of DIY techniques and products to get of pests. For serious cases, bringing in the big guns (pest professionals) will cost you a bit more.

Steam clean carpets. Best done before moving in your furniture to give yourself a fresh new start in your home. You can also pay a professional carpet cleaning service to remove minute traces of dirt in rooms.

Quick pre-moving tips:

  • Clear your schedule, so that moving in will be your only activity for the day. Moving takes longer than most people thing, so it’s best not to make other plans or promise someone with your time.
  • Ensure that you have plenty of snacks and water on hand throughout the day and take enough breaks to eat meals. Moving day is very exhausting, so you need to make sure you’re hydrated and fed to operate at peak performance.
  • Have everything packed and ready before the movers arrive.
  • De-clutter as you’re packing. Get rid of anything broken, worn or unusable as you pack to save boxes of junk at the other end.

Moving out and moving into a new house is a tiring, yet exciting and rewarding process. If you’re still off hunting for a new home in a great community, check out the house and land packages in Melbourne, with four thriving communities: Atherstone, Harley, Mayfield or Aurora. Give yourself a pat on the back and a glass (or a bottle of wine) after a successful moving in day.