Interior Design

Off to the Office

The End of Permanent Layouts

Flexibility is something that is being seen as a rapidly growing trend in office spaces. The traditional office used to be a rigid and often stuffy place to work in, and often never changed at all, year in and year out. Back then, the needs of an office were planned in advance with a permanent design which could stay the same for decades. Thank goodness that is all in the past now, as much more sensible ideas are giving way to the needs of an ever-changing work environment. Modular components are here to stay.

Cubicle Farewell

Change is happening very fast. Cubicles are rapidly disappearing into history and along with the work bench is being overtaken by non-assigned seating. These multipurpose spaces can be used for everything from multimedia displays, to informal breakout areas. There are also more oval-shaped office desks being seen, which allow for a more beneficial place for 4-6 people to meet, as well as a change toward height adjustable tables for standing meetings.

Allocated Lounge Areas

There is a growing trend toward creating spaces that are that the complete opposite of rigid workstations. Lighter, powerful, wireless technology has rearranged the workspace more than anybody would have dreamed of not too long ago. Working in such an environment can not only be more comfortable, but it takes things to a new level regarding positive collaboration. Saracen Interiors designed the KFC head office in the UK. There are now many types of office design which have become very popular with management and staff alike in the UK, and are renowned for their professional and reputable designs. Offices are more and more now mandating the inclusion of dedicated lounge areas, to make working more enjoyable.

Office Colour Organisation

In numerous studies it has been proven that colours in the right place actually improves workers moods. Also, and more important to an employer, it was found that the use of colours actually boosted productivity and creative thought. This applies not only to wall colouring, but to a wide spectrum of accessories and furniture around the entire office space. The ambience of an office is greatly intensified if the right colours are used in the right places.  Looking around, you can see there are many resources you can use for office design innovation.


Wireless Means Less Wires

We are all aware of the term wireless and many of us have seen electronic device wires slowly disappear in our own personal spaces at home, be it due to Wi-Fi or concealment. In the new open space offices, unconcealed wires are fast becoming a thing of the past. Manufacturers are fast realising that the old cluttered with wires office space is both unpleasing to the eye, and dangerous. Even a £20,000 conference table can look ugly if wires are everywhere and not well concealed within the table.

Communal Tables

A communal table in the office is now becoming a popular piece of furniture in the modern office. People are looking for more interaction at work and in other public settings. The table also fosters employee relationships and encourages a sense of belonging and helps remove the need for conference room exclusivity. Today, the table emerges as a relevant feature of an evolving workplace that now displays many of the characteristics of a human habitat – more relaxed, more user friendly and cooperative.