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Outdoor Awnings: Practical and Beautiful

Awnings, as a general category of home addition, have a long and varied history. But the awnings most people see today have little resemblance to the first items that were used to provide shade from the sun and protection from the outside elements, and to enhance the appearance of homes and businesses.

Centuries ago, homeowners used fabric supported by wood or metal, with the structure slanted down to protect what were then openings that served as windows. Individuals gradually placed materials in these openings such as waxed paper, animal skins, and, eventually, glass. But awnings were still used in the same manner as before.

New Awnings

As time went on, these additions began to be offered in different colours and designs, often selected to enhance the look of a home or business building. At first, awnings were made of heavier fabrics, sometimes striped or of various colours, with metal frames that could be folded in at night. Other designs allowed the fabric to be rolled up when not in use.

This style has now been replaced for the most part by a newer design, and some are even manufactured using metal that is segmented so it can be rolled up. But the purpose is still about the same as it was centuries ago: protection of windows, shade from the sun and wind, and more. Aside from this practical use, new awnings may have business or family names on them. Sometimes initials and other designs are used to make the addition more attractive.

If you are looking for outdoor awnings in Melbourne, you have a number of options. You may choose aluminium roller shutters manufactured close to home. These are usually installed by trained and experienced individuals at restaurants, schools, factories, offices, and homes. When you select this type of outdoor awning, you are getting something a bit different than the traditional idea of an awning.

Extend Usable Space

The same companies also offer a design called the folding-arm awning or retractable awning that adds significantly to the appearance of the building. But they also provide much-needed cover from sunlight and rain, so that the space beneath can be used in different weather conditions. These are quite popular for patios, balconies, swimming pool areas, cafes, and terraces on homes.

Because the folding or retractable awning is supported by a frame that extends from the building, there are no posts or poles to obstruct the space. Businesses find them to be ideal for advertising, using company names, brand names, and logos as part of the design. Of course, they also protect the window space from direct sunlight, rain, and wind, a use connected with the original awnings from years ago.

All of these benefits come with definite ease of use. Retractable awnings can be put out of the way with a simple handle that cranks the folding arm. The top companies also offer a motorised option that can pull the awning back or extend it with the flip of a switch. They also often offer remote control options for added convenience. From a practicality viewpoint and for appearance, outdoor awnings are a great choice.