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Ramp Up Your Bedroom Décor

Has your bedroom become blasé or a catchall for mismatched furniture and piles of clutter?  The master bedroom is a place to unwind, escape and relax. Follow these recommendations from the design professionals for ramping up your bedroom décor.

Clear the space of everything except the larger pieces of furniture.  Remove window treatments and wall art.  Prepare the walls for painting and cover the remaining furniture in the room with sheets or drop cloths. With a clean slate, it’s now time to select a warm, soft color for the space. If the thought of selecting a paint color brings on paralysis, keep it in perspective. Selecting a name for a baby is a huge decision; selecting a $20 can of paint is not.  Painting a room is the single big transformation for the least amount of money.

With the walls freshly painted, you’ll begin to see the transformation.  Select window panels and bedding in soft colors with in solids or muted prints. The bedroom is not a space for loud colors or bold prints. You’re creating an oasis and it needs to be subtle yet welcoming. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and make selections for new décor from the awesome variety and value offered at Things Remembered.  Window panels should be hung just below the ceiling out on the outside of the window frame to allow the eye to travel to the ceiling and give the room a more spacious feeling.

Be very judicious when selecting which items to return to the space. The space should be limited to the bed, night stands, and a dresser. If there is space for placement of an upholstered chair, ensure the print compliments the existing fabrics and hues in the space.  Limit the artwork and accessories in the space. Introducing too many small items will create a sense of clutter – the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Finally, place soft yellow bulbs in the overhead lighting as well as the night stand lamps. This will serve to cast a warm shadow over the space. Enjoy your new master bedroom oasis!