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Safety Grab Rail Installation: Everything You Need to Know

Safety grab rails are commonly found in public-access places such as parks, ramps, and walkways. Many people have difficulty walking without support. On uneven terrain, this problem often becomes even worse. They need some sort of firm support to take steps. That is why safety grab rails are used. They are firmly bolted in the ground to prevent any vibrations and can be used for support. You can put your whole weight on the grab rail and it won’t buckle under. They are made from high-quality aluminium or stainless steel.

The reason why aluminium and stainless steel are the preferred choices is simple: both of these metals are resistant to corrosion. They are long-lasting and do not lose their shine under the open sky. However, safety grab rails can also be adapted for use in homes. Due to the fact that aluminium and stainless steel are quite lightweight and durable, the bars can easily be attached to the floors or the walls without putting any additional pressure on the structure.

Nylon Coating

One of the key features of safety grab rails is the fact they have a reinforced nylon coating on top. Aluminium and polished stainless steel are quite slippery. Because this defeats the purpose of providing additional support, most companies that sell safety grab rails in Melbourne often put a reinforced nylon coating on the railing. The reinforced nylon coating makes it easy to grab the rail and hold on to it.

As well as stainless steel and aluminium, non-slip nylon alloy tubes are also used for making safety grab rails. The flange fixings are quite robust and can easily withstand considerable pressure. This increases the safety and the strength of the railings. In wet areas such as the bathroom, the outer non-slip coating offers greater comfort and additional safety.


Companies that sell safety grab rails offer a variety of different safety grab rails that you can choose from. They are available in different colours, patterns, and designs. You can also choose custom-sized safety grab rails to fit any type of wall support frame. For instance, stainless steel grab rails are available in several finishes such as satin, chrome, and a powder-coated finish.


The prices of safety grab rails generally vary depending upon a variety of different factors. For instance, stainless steel grab rails are slightly more expensive than non-slip alloy tubes. Custom-fitted railings are also quite expensive. When you contact a company for the installation of safety grab rails, they will ask about the measurements. The company might send a technician to your place to get the measurements for the safety grab rails.

Installing safety grab rails isn’t difficult. You can easily take it up as a DIY project or you can contact the company’s representatives to install the railing for you for an additional price. Safety grab rails can greatly improve the safety and security around the home. If you have elders in the house who need support while walking, safety grab rails can prevent any accidents from happening.