The Advantages of a Mezzanine Floor

The idea of floor designs today, especially in businesses, is to make optimum use of space. For example, designers of mezzanine flooring assist companies and plant facilities whose businesses have grown. After some growth spurts, business executives find they are quickly running out of space. However, it is also cost-prohibitive to relocate. They may also be seeking a flexible storage solution. In some instances, they may need minimal obstruction on the ground level, or require clear and open areas beneath the floor.

Stay at Your Current Site

If you are beset with storage problems in your business but cannot afford to move, you can turn the issue over to flooring engineers. They can design and provide a no-hassle approach to your problem by creating a bespoke raised storage platform. That way, you can stay at your current site without the need to relocate.

From conception to completion, you can have a storage solution designed around your operational requirements. You can even have a mezzanine floor designed that will minimise the need for support columns around the raised storage area. Mezzanine floors can be designed that comply with the relevant sections of Australia’s building code as well.

Individualised Solutions

Unlike floors that feature pallet racking, mezzanine flooring today is offered in various steel sections and sizes. Therefore, you can vary your column spacing to suit the storage or usage needs of the area beneath the floor. Because your business requirements are not the same as another company’s, no two floors will be exactly alike. Instead, an individual solution is proposed for each situation.

Project Requirements

When you align yourself with an engineering partner in this respect, make sure they have a long history in the engineering field. They should also use the latest in 2D and 3D design technology. All the requirements for the floor installation should be managed by the company. These requirements include the following:

  • The permits for building and planning
  • Engineering certification
  • Lighting needs
  • Fire service modifications and installations
  • Pallet gates
  • Pallet racking
  • Offices
  • Shelving

Set Up a Consultation

In order to get the project underway, you will need to first set up a consultation. Contact the flooring engineer about your mezzanine flooring requirements. In turn, you will be given a budget figure for the supply and installation of the floor based on the information you supply.

Arrange a Site Visit

If the budget figure is one that you can manage, a site visit will be arranged so you can further discuss your requirements. During the visit, a site measure and notations of site details will permit the company to issue a quote. You can also send the engineer pictures of the site as well as a sketch noting the dimensions.

Scheduling the Work

Once you review and accept the quote, usually a deposit is required. In turn, the engineer supplies you with a schedule for installation. After the final site measure, manufacturing drawings are produced indicating the needed materials for production.

Once the materials arrive and the installation is confirmed, the engineering team undertakes the construction of the floor per the company’s operational requirements. The raised flooring creates more floor area and room for storage within the existing space. Therefore, each floor is designed to suit your preferred loading and storage requirements.