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The Rise of the Sliding Door Industry

Doors have become a common sight in our everyday lives, but it was only in recent times that the sliding door was preferred over the typical casement doors. The advantages of installing a sliding door are many and that’s the main reason why commercial and residential entities are turning to it. The flexibility of sliding doors which allows it to be incorporated almost anywhere, contributes to its popularity and usage.

What are sliding doors?

Sliding doors come in many forms: automatic sliding doors, bypass doors, patio doors, bi-fold doors, etc. These are doors which use a sliding mechanism, instead of a normal hinge mechanism. Sliding doors are very compact and good for installation in areas with limited space, like the bathrooms. They are made of different materials: plastic, aluminum, wood, or even glass to suit the different kind of design themes in a residential or commercial property.

Advantages of sliding doors

There are many advantages of using sliding doors in different areas of the house. In the balcony, the bi-fold doors can be fully folded and kept to one side, to allow maximum light into the house. These doors are usually made of tempered glass that would not shatter that easily upon impact. In smaller bathrooms, people would tend to install a sliding tempered glass door as a casement door would require a much larger space in order to open and shut it, which might cause an inconvenience.

Other usages

Companies which install sliding doors in London, do offer installation of sliding windows as well, as they both have the same concept. In most cases, sliding doors are not just doors for the entrances, balconies or even bathrooms. They can be even made for the kitchen cabinet doors to offer a rather unique design concept. Commercial entities have even adopted some of the newer concepts in order to impress their potential clients. For example, they might install an automatic sliding glass door in the ceiling (rooflight) that could slide open or shut at the touch of a button, to allow ventilation when necessary.

Choosing an established supplier

When deciding on a supplier to install the sliding door products, look for accreditations, the amount of work done, customer satisfaction, their portfolios, and even their physical office. Most sliding doors are made of glass (or consist partially of glass) and the material used has to be of top-notch quality. An inferior tempered glass door will be cheaper, but it may not last, and should it break, it will cost you a hefty sum to replace it.

The sliding doors that are manufactured today have many options and the glass options may include tinted glass, green glass, black glass, clear glass, or even window films to keep out the heat. While it is not an exhaustive list, the popularity of sliding glass doors has given suppliers the chance to increase their product range to meet the demands of clients. The sliding doors of today have become an integral part of our home due to their simplicity and space-saving features, where homes have shrunk smaller in size over the years.