Things to Consider Before Renting a Self Storage Unit

For a lot of reasons, individuals and businesses today are using self storage. When you are shopping for a self storage facility, you wish to ensure your items are in good hands. But, each storage customer has his own list of priorities in terms of renting storage units. If you are one of them, you need to know some things first so you get the most value for your investment, secure self storage and high quality storage.


This is important since you are putting your treasured belongings on the self storage facility. Determine the number of entry points in the place and how they are they protected. Evaluate the security lighting. Know the number of cameras they have and whether or not they are giving round the clock security to your belongings.

A number of facilities will go the extra mile when it comes to security offering a range of sophisticated security measures like gate access code, video surveillance, top notch lighting and individual unit protection. Certainly rental rates may reflect this extra protection.


You will want to ensure that your belongings are not chewed up or mildewed. In general, an interior climate-control unit is an excellent way to protect your things from the elements; however, you need to get extra insight by asking the following questions.


  • Have they recently updated their system to protect the goods?
  • In areas where rodent and insect infestation commonly occurs, what measures does the storage facility take in order to control the issue?
  • Can you find something which suggests a possible fire hazard?


Convenience does not only include determining the distance of a facility from your house. This can also refer to:

  • Easy information access regarding the facility. For example, are the prices of the facility displayed on their site?
  • Easy procedure to sign up and continuous customer support. Does the facility allow you to pay rent online?
  • Easy access to amenities in the facility. Does the facility provide drive-up units?


A number of self-storage facilities provide insurance to tenants. This policy can be a great investment, especially when you do not have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. In case you already have insurance for our house or apartment, check with your insurer to ensure your insurance covers property that you store off-site.

What you Wish to Store

It is imperative to determine what and how much items you will store. Never just rent a space thinking that you can just fill it up with things as time goes on. You will want to rent a storage unit that is suitable to the amount of items you want to store.



Storage space rent tends to vary depending upon the size, location and whether it is climate controlled or if it lets you drive up or not. Evaluate your needs and stick to your budget.

Type of Space

Perhaps you need a mini self storage unit or a studio apartment-sized unit. As you evaluate the size, remember to take into account getting a space that is slightly bigger than you need when it serves as storage you can usually access.