Three Qualities to Look for When Purchasing Filters

While we are always bombarded with information on how to avoid inhaling the outside air pollutants, hardly anyone ever tells us about the risks being exposed to poor air quality indoors. Since most of us spent the majority of time being indoors these days, we are directly at risk of contracting a number of ailments including, asthma, allergy, and a variety of respiratory issues.

Thankfully, using an air filter can prevent a lot of health conditions related to poor air quality and give us healthier and cleaner air for our home or office. So what do you look for when buying filters? Keep on reading to find out.

Three major qualities to consider when buying filters

  1. Efficiency

The effectiveness of a filter determines its ability to remove particles from the stream efficiently. To purchase a filter that provides maximum efficiency, you’d have to consider the needs of your indoor air quality. For those having allergies, choosing a filter that’s been designed for a particular area size and to remove a specific type of contaminant can work wonders for your health.

If you have a condition that is triggered by chemical pollutants or odor, consider buying a filter that can remove the chemical compounds that effectively eliminate the issues. These are air purifiers that come with activated carbon filters to absorb different odors as well as remove allergens to give you a nice and clean breathing space.

  1. Resistance

Resistance, in this case, refers to the drop in statistic pressure across the filter at a certain phase velocity. The resistance also affects this product’s dust holding capacity while operating at a specified airflow rate to the maximum possible resistance value. Filter types based on efficiency and the resistance can directly affect the fans ability to move at certain resistances.

This can also lead to greater fan brake horsepower requirements and high usage of energy. Various studies have shown results that re-circulated air usually has a greater proportion of lint than the air present outside. Installing a proper filtration system like the ones available at FilterBuy can reduce lint and dust, which would inevitably lead to lower cost of housekeeping.

  1. Quality base material

For a filter to be effective, it needs to be made of top quality material that can remove pollutants from the air and absorb or adsorb it. While filters having pleated paper for its base material may be a cheap choice, it does not stand a chance against the kind of efficiency polyester provides.

Polyester is the kind of substance that traps even the nastiest pollutants including, dust, mold, dander, with sticky adhesive so that they never come back to bite you ever again. Polyester makes for a fantastic base material as it directly adsorbs the trapped contaminants.

Before you purchase

Once you’ve double-checked if your choice of a filter has the qualities mentioned above are not, do a thorough checkup of the manufacturer. A significant part of a filter’s quality depends on the brand that’s making it, so we advise that you only go for reputed brands that have already made a name for themselves in the market.