Tips to design lighting in the living room without windows

The living room is the place where most of the conversations with our loved ones, friends take place. So, naturally, we would wish to have a spacious and bright living room. However, it is not possible for everyone to have a spacious living room. Many living rooms today are without window which makes it extremely challenging to decide the living room décor plan to keep it airy, well-lit and elegant. The main trick to make the living room look spacious, vibrant and cozy is to choose the right type of lighting.

A few simple and easy changes can do wonders answering your dreading question how to make a windowless room brighter?

  • Try having white walls-

White wall and pale blue colored walls help in giving the same feeling of brightness, which one gets from the natural sunlight. Choosing one color helps in floating the edges away. Especially a lavish coat of a white color on the walls and mainly on the ceilings removes the darkness of the rooms. White is always a good choice, which helps in simulating the light.

  • Fixing up hidden lights-

When you fix up hidden lights, it gives you a slight feeling of light coming from a window. Tryfixing up these lights in the various corners of your furniture mostly which are behind the sofas or in a bookshelf or a display shelf.

  • Go for the spotlights-

These lights are the best options to brighten your living room that has no windows. Spotlights are available in different sizes and shades. Choose the suitable spotlight depending on the place and the painting or décor piece to be highlighted. Spotlights play a pivotal role in home decoration; they instantly enhance the beauty of the place and the piece of furniture or décor.

  • Make use of false window-

If you think that a living room without a window is just not your type, then you can create a false window and fixing up a small LED light behind it.

  • Place a Mirror On The Wall

A large mirror or wall of mirrors helps in capturing the lights and reflections throughout the living room. Mirrors are always considered as a trendy, and an attractive design element that never goes out of fashion.

  • Smart Art helps in a great way-

While choosing posters and wall art pieces make sure you get the one, which is larger.

Appropriate lights do the trick for a windowless room, however, many times, this factor is forgotten. The living room is such room, which is the most used part of every house, it is the first part of the home which welcomes the guests and decides the impression of your house in the hearts of your visitors. Your living room décorideas have a crucial role in making a windowless living room look impressive.