What To Expect With General Home Inspection Services?

Your new home is a big investment, and therefore, it is important that you pay attention to every minute detail. The real estate prices are all time high and home owners are already struggling with surging costs. If you have made up your mind and have sorted a few properties, the next step would be to check with a home inspection service. These are professional services that check the structure and other essential aspects and components of a home to find any possible conditions or problems that need attention. Inspectors have qualified and certified for the task, and they will offer you a complete written report for all the noted aspects.

Choosing a company for Melbourne House Check – Building inspections isn’t easy, because not all services are the same. Also, the inspection requirements in your area can be different as compared to other cities. In this post, we will talk of simple things that will come handy in the inspection process.


What do home inspectors check?

  • The first aspect is the structural elements, which involves checking the visible foundation and related concerns like window and door alignment. Following the basic structural check, inspectors will check the ground elements, which include driveways, paveways, fences, septic tanks and ground drainage system. The roofing issues, including check on chimneys, are done next to utmost precision. Any kind of leaks or patches is to be mentioned in the report.
  • Inspectors also take a check on the attic and exterior surfaces. Simple things like the condition of the paint and doors/windows are inspected to detail, following which the inspector may also want to see the attic for any leakages. The internal plumbing is also checked for fittings and leakages.
  • One of the major aspects of home checks is the electrical system. Apart from the visible wearing, inspectors also check the fixtures and fittings, along with circuit breakers. Appliances are also checked for all functioning, along with the heating and cooling systems.
  • If the house a basement, it must be reviewed for the foundation, walls, floors and structure. Basements are prone to water leakages and wall damage, which requires that extra level of checking. Any possible issue will be mentioned in the report, which can help reevaluating the home price, especially if is a need for extensive repairs.


  • One of the other parts of the property that needs detailed evaluation is the garage. The inspector will check if the foundation, framing and garage door is working fine, and whether the door opener is working to perfection.

While it is not compulsory to be present at the time of inspection, it is a good idea to make time. Typically, an inspection should take anywhere between one and three hours, depending on the size of the property. Before you hire a service, please ask them for an estimate for the work and a few samples of their reports, so that you can understand their work better. Seeking a few references isn’t a bad idea, at all.

Author Bio:

Matt Flood is a known home improvement expert, who has worked with many website and blogs as their lead author on varied topics. He also work as a home inspector in Melbourne.