Window blinds trends for 2019

New year – new me? Maybe, new year – new home. 2019 is the year of new trends, so you might want to think about renewing your home decor in the best ways possible according latest trends. In the past few years window blinds have been taking over the world as the most attractive and functional way to decorate your windows. But they have been changing and becoming even better. Here’s how.

Window blinds are known for how functional they are – they protect the room from sunlight and still keep the room bright. Newest window blinds are more and more customised to fit every client’s needs. It’s great news for those who only wish to renew their home without completely changing the style of the rooms. But if your decorating your newly built or bought home – don’t worry, the options are crazy!

One option is roller blinds. They are a simple and aesthetic option of window blinds, that look best when they have a picture on them. If you can’t seem to find what you want in a store, you might want to think about custom window blinds with a picture that you took yourself!

Another popular trend  is vertical blinds. They are are a more budget friendly option and look best on large windows and glass doors. But the best thing about blinds is how customisable they are. You can find window blinds with pictures of animals, people, landscapes, buildings, forests and etc. Love flowers? Great! Floral vertical blinds are just what you might want.

Blinds with patterns or graphic images are another unique choice. They are more aesthetic and universal for any type of style. If you want a cool and functional decoration to fit your minimalistic home interior – window blinds with a simple pattern can look great.

Vertical blinds are also easily customisable, meaning you can choose a picture yourself. Why not have window blinds with a picture you took and love the most? Check out https://www.decoshaker.com/vertical-blinds and find the best blinds to match your style or just upload a picture and make your home unique!